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Chat "Pay per View" viso VOD FAQ

What is chat "pay per view" ?

Chat "pay per view" is an audio/video chat system that allows a paying member to have a private conversation with a model using audio and video. It is based on the principle of pay per view, meaning that you pay to benefit from the video conversation. It allows, for example, experts to sell their knowledge or services on line per minute of connection. This is an ideal video chat system for billing communications per minute of access.

How does chat "pay per view"work ?

A chat "pay per view" consists of two principal parties: the ordinary chatter (user) and the expert/model.

  1. ordinary chatter  : Can ask questions and view the model for free. Can request a model/expert's services in private.
  2. Model/Performer/Expert : This is the person who broadcasts his or her webcam to other users. The model sees the other people who are connected and viewing. The model can request a private chat. If it is granted, the model moves into busy mode and will no longer be visible to the other users.

Finally, there is a method called ADMIN, that allows invisible control to ensure the chat's successful development.

I would like to personalize my chat "pay per view"! Is this possible?

Yes, you just need to give us some specifications (size/color, layout) of your chat so that it integrates better with your existing website. We will adapt the existing interface to your colors. We can also connect it to your existing database of users, as well as to your chosen method of payment.

What other modes are available ?

There is a "VIP user" mode that allows allows you to broadcast your own webcam, as well as to see 4 models simultaneously.


  • Generate website traffic during a pay per view session
  • Generate chat via pay per view
  • Recruit other members to become model/experts
  • Strengthen the relationship between the business and its clients
  • Encourage direct dialogue between clients, partners, and employees
  • Organize a public chat "pay per view" without borders


  • The cost of organization in comparison with a traditional PAY PER VIEW
  • The traffic generated on the site during the PAY PER VIEW


  • Qualified Experts site, performer site
  • Clairvoyance (Fortune-telling) site
  • Adult site
  • Coaching site
  • etc...

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