visioVod: pay per view video chat (ppv chat)

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Chat "pay per view"

Chat "pay per view" is an audio/video chat system that allows a paying member to have a private conversation with a model using audio and video. It is based on the principle of pay per view, meaning that you pay to benefit from the video conversation. It allows, for example, experts to sell their knowledge or services on line per minute of connection.. See the flowchart of operations for more information.

Video chat pay per view, payperview: the ideal solution for:

  • video chat for Qualified Experts sites
  • video chat for Clairvoyance (Fortune-telling) sites
  • video chat for Adult sites, live show strips, liveshows.
  • video chat for Coaching sites
  • pay per view live solutions.

The suggested system is developed on an open source RED5 / FLEX platform and delivered installed and configured on any dedicated server (Linux or Windows). It integrates perfectly with your user database to manage credits and payments for users, as well as for the models.

No installation necessary for the client or the model: using Flash.

Fig1: Diagram of the start of a chat "pay per view" video live stream.

visiovod partie chat conférencier partie chat utilisateur partie chat modérateur


Objective of chat "pay per view" : Offer experts the opportunity to sell their knowledge via webcam. Each minute is billed according to your parameters. Allow free connection for all users to benefit from video chat with experts or models on line before requesting a private chat for a fee.

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